Our history

What is ASDEC?

In December 1987 a group of friends, all classic boat enthusiasts, decided to form an association. The first step was to decide on a name.

The name chosen, ASDEC Vintage and Classic Boats Association – Historical Register of Vintage and Classic Boats made it perfectly clear what our goal was and still is: to bring together true vintage and classic boat enthusiasts. And in the Italian name, the emphasis is on hull rather than boat,  to further underline our love of the very essence of the boat, its hull. Moreover, vintage boats, that is, everything over a quarter of a century old, acquire a certain charm.

However, since certain boats of more recent construction may possess the allure and charisma of traditional boatbuilding techniques and consequently be of interest to us, we also added the adjective “classic”.

ASDEC deals with all pleasure craft and working boats whether powered by oar, sail or motor. Naturally, we are most active where the interests of most of our members lie: first and foremost, open motorboats (for example, the Riva), followed by daysailers, and motoryacht cruisers. Last of all come rowboats.

We are at pains to emphasis that ASDEC is an association of people and not boats. Anyone who shares our passion is welcome here.

What are the aims of ASDEC?

First and foremost, to bring vintage boat enthusiasts together, always a pleasure in itself, but also an excellent opportunity to learn more by sharing our individual experience. The second objective is to take concrete and active steps to ensure that classic and vintage boats are properly conserved. We also aim to collect historical data. To this end we set up the “Historical Register of Vintage and Classic Boats” which contains all the details of the boats certified by us.

Last but not least, by placing our years of experience at their disposal, we also aim to provide assistance with the refit, repairs and maintenance of their boats. To this end, we have drawn up a list of trusted highly specialised boatyards which, used their services for years, we are happy to recommend.

In order to help promote interest in these boats, ASDEC organises enjoyable national and international classic boat meetings which are held on our lakes, lagoons and coastal waters.

We are in contact with European associations and some American ones and our respective members gladly take part in one another’s events.