The experts

The statutory purposes of our association include that of promoting a “love” of nautical traditions, and, at the same time, “knowledge”. With this in mind, from the very outset, (ASDEC was founded in 1987) we have been striving to achieve these two statutory aims.

We therefore set up a group of persons indicated as “experts”, each of whom can boast particular experience and in-depth knowledge in a specific field of sailing culture and tradition.

These experts have offered to share their knowledge with ASDEC members and all sailing enthusiasts.

The experts offer their “services” free of charge for the simple pleasure all boat lovers like ourselves get from speaking or writing about boats and sharing our interests with others.

Send any requests you may have to our experts using our on-line form.

Our experts 

Paolo Ajello
Lateen sail and traditional boats Sardinia.

Gian Battista Borea d'Olmo
Sail yachting from the mid-nineteenth century to the end of the 1930s;
Ship portrait.

Guido Cavalazzi
Design and construction of regata sails, especially for vintage, classic and I.O.R.  classified boats and evolution of America’s Cup sails from 12m Class S.I. to International AC Class.

Guglielmo Danelon
History of the Adriatic regattas.

Luigi Divari
Traditional fishing boats in the Venice lagoon and upper Adriatic;
Fishing boat folklore;
Techniques and equipment of small-scale lagoon fishing;
Sailing regattas with traditional boats.

Paolo Lodigiani
Sailing literature and bibliography;
Vintage and classic craft.

Enzo Marolli
Expert in sailing technique and boatbuilding;
Sailboat designer and historian since the 1970s.

Alex Mazzoni
Large scale sailing yachts and motorboats.

Stefano Marini Balestra
Small and medium-sized rowboats, motorboats and sailboats

Giovanni Panella
Mediterranean Maritime Heritage - History of ships and navigation

Marco Bernocchi
Racing motorboats.

Flavio Serafini
History of ships and navigation (periods 1500/1900);
History of Italian sailing seamanship;
History of shipbuilding in wood;

Riccardo Villarosa
Nautical traditions;
Naval clothing and etiquette;
Marine photography.