Boats for sale

If you are interested in selling your boat, please download and fill in the form.

Below is a list of boats currently for sale:


Model Boatyard Cantiere Year of construction Details
Barca a vela Borea Gelosa Giuseppe, Lissone 1970 Form
Da diporto Imperial Piantoni Lago Iseo 1968 Form
Da diporto Lancia spigolo Muti - Isola d'Elba 1975 Form
Da diporto A vela Sangermani 1969 Form
  • Model: Barca a vela
    Boatyard: Borea
    Cantiere: Gelosa Giuseppe, Lissone
    Year of construction: 1970
  • Model: Da diporto
    Boatyard: Imperial
    Cantiere: Piantoni Lago Iseo
    Year of construction: 1968
  • Model: Da diporto
    Boatyard: Lancia spigolo
    Cantiere: Muti - Isola d'Elba
    Year of construction: 1975
  • Model: Da diporto
    Boatyard: A vela
    Cantiere: Sangermani
    Year of construction: 1969